The Chair…

“No other type of furniture offers the possibilities of making and facilitating connections in the same way or to the same extent. Because of this, more resources have been invested in the creation of chairs by more people over a longer period of time than any other type of furniture…The chair is the most designed, studied, written about and celebrated artefact of the modern era.”

– Charlotte and Peter Fiell, “1000 Chairs” (1997)

 Design chairs without the price tag…

chair.furniture started life in a little town outside Lyon, in the South of France in 2013, quite by accident…

Stefan Delaunay the founder of chaise.privee and chair.furniture wanted to buy office chairs for the headquarter’s of his newly established webdesign company. Not prepared to settle for any old chair, Stefan started searching the high street. He sought stylish, classic designs but these proved hard to come by. He quickly grew frustrated when he failed to find any design that met his brief.

Stefan turned to the online marketplace in the hope of sourcing chairs that were closer to his vision. Pleasantly surprised to find a number of online retailers offering better value, design and quality chairs, Stefan purchased a number of replica’s of Charles Eames, Arne Jacobsen, Jean Prouve and Hans-Wegner. These designs incorporated style with  affordability.

Clients and colleagues alike began to admire these chairs and wanted to know from where they had been purchased. Quickly realising the opportunity for a potential business, Stefan founded the E commerce site, chaise.privee.fr, with the objective: to make design chairs accessible to the French public.

In October 2014, the English website chair.furniture was launched and chaiseprivee began trading to the international market, the English speaking world!

This is our blog: a place to read all about our latest additions, our passion for interiors (especially chairs), and all things design.

Happy shopping!!





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