Make your home REDdy for Christmas

Fill your home with beautiful RED interiors to stage the perfect Christmas. 

Red is the colour of Santa Claus, of holly berries, of cranberry sauce. Red is a generous colour with which to decorate your home to make it the perfect festive retreat. Here are a few seasonal ideas that will help to make your home the perfect winter wonderland:

1. Why don’t you invest in some truly decadent chairs that do not cost the earth? Red and patchwork chairs around the fire will be just the ticket. These are available to purchase from our website: 

2. Buy a Rocking chair or three. Rocking chairs are perfect for long evenings spent indoors, have a look at the options available:

3. Or why not invest in a cosey chair that just oozes winter solace?

All of these chairs can be cushioned, what do you think of these Welsh Blanket Cushions:  red cushion ? And don’t forget you can go that extra mile by decorating your chair with a blanket, like this one:welsh blanket

Additionally, fill you home with lots of holly, mistletoe, twinkly lights and bowls upon bowls of chocolates and sweets ready for all the visitors this season will inevitably draw to into your lovely home.


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