Eames edited

From economical to exclusive 

Charles and Ray Eames invented a classic when they introduced the DSW chair to the world  in the 1950s. They pulled at the heart strings of design conscious Americans who had limited disposable income but yearned for a home that oozed character.

Some 70-years later reproductions of the #DSW can easily be found and in some instances the design-chair has reverted back to what #Charles-and-Ray-Eames originally intended their design to be, economical. The reproduction will cost you considerably less than its licensed counterpart. In 2014 replica’s of the DSW continue to meet the needs of the fashionable home owners looking for functional chairs within their budget.

The license to reproduce #Charles -and-Ray-Eames-designs is owned by Vitra Furniture, who produce the Eames #DSW for £299, 6-fold the cost of a replica. We sell our #DSW chairs for £49 and the quality is notably high with our customers returning time after time. We think Charles-and-Ray-Eames would be #pleased that their designs are reaching the wider consumer 🙂

Commercial appeal

#DSW’s are commonly the chair of choice for commercial settings such as cafes and restaurants due to their robust design and resilient, easily cleaned ABS plastic seat. The #DSW is available in 19-colours which means you will undoubtedly find at least one colour #DSW that you love.

Whether you choose to by a #Vitra produced #DSW or one of ours, the important fact is Charles-and-Ray-Eames’ designs live on, and continue to be appreciated by interior-designers the world over.

The final word

Exclusivity is no fun. #Eames #DSW chairs were always intended to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone who desire to own one or one hundred.


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