#Clifton #Life #magazine

ad in clifton life magazine

This month we are keeping it local by featuring our website in the lovely #Clifton #Life #Magazine!

The advertisement features some truly iconic spots of Bristol such as Brunel’s suspension bridge where we lined up our Eames DSW chairs-ensuring to take in as much of the view as possible; the ship-chains of the harbour-side from which we displayed our Tolix bar stools, as well as Millennium Square where we immersed the feet of our yellow DAW in their beautiful water-feature- thank you @Bristol. This shot actually features the Emmeline Simpson cushion too, in case you are wondering: “Who made that beautiful cushion?” It was local artist Emmeline Simpson who captures a number of city skylines including Bristol, Oxford and London.  

Dawn to dusk

The images  used were taken by Ed of E1 studios and the ad was finished in photoshop. It tells a  lovely story of a day in the life in the city of Bristol from dawn until dusk, its history, terrain and its ever changing scenery. The colours of our chairs add vivacity to every image.  


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