Friday’s photoshoot

Friday was a very exciting day for as we took to the streets to showcase our #beautiful range of chairs. We took a number of our best-selling and #beautiful chairs, including the #Eames #DSW across #Bristol in order for these to be photographed in front of some truly iconic landmarks and stunning locations. We have dubbed the shoot #The Bristol, for an obvious reason! The city of #Bristol is a great backdrop for a shoot such as this, with its ever changing scenery- it graduates from soft meadows found in Castle Park, to the industrial scenes of the suspension bridge to the urban street art of Gloucester road, all of which made their way into our photos.We contacted E1 Studios to assist with the shoot, and they were on board to help us execute the exciting vision we had.

We started early, in part to ensure we made the most of the dawn light but also because our schedule was very ambitious.  Fundamentally we wanted to incorporate as many Bristolian landmarks as possible to give the chairs an air of distinction and connect them to the characterful city.

We paid a visit to the Cathedral, to the awesome graffiti’d walls of Stokes Croft and Gloucester Road, the ever recognisable suspension bridge and @Bristol (at-Bristol) as well as numerous other locations in between. Harbourside created an illustrious backdrop to our chairs, in particular our #Tolix stools which were especially complemented by the industrial overtones and the remnants of the shipping era.

Of course the chairs needed to be the central focus, yet the various backdrops played their own important part in contextualising the design and style of each chair that was used. The shoot was a creative experience with plenty of opportunities to be daring and innovative and to maximise on the artistic potential of the city.

With some of the images I have made a brief #Youtube video too:


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