Light up your Friday and celebrate the advent of Christmas in #Bristol

Christmas is fast approaching and every media platform in the WORLD it seems is determined on reminding us how many (or how few) days are left before Christmas Day rears its beautiful head. But do not despair, you still have plenty of time to buy your advent calendar and order your turkey, 51-days in fact. 51-days, 10 hours, 49 mins and 57 seconds and counting to be more exact:

On Friday 7th November from 4PM Cabot Circus invites you to join in the merriment and watch as the shopping center is transformed into a beautiful Winter Wonderland. Bristol Cathedral Choir, Santa and his Grotto and Circulus-the urban Circus will all be in attendance to make the night extra special.

In addition, the Ice rink returns for another festive season on Saturday 8th November, so what are you waiting for, get your skates on!

It is all going on in Bristol this Christmas after all it is the season to be jolly.


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