#Warehouse living

We have been looking for a warehouse to store all our beautiful chairs which has got me thinking about warehouse living. Warehouses are very desirable nowadays as contemporary living quarters. Because manufacturing has been waning in the UK for decades traditional brick built factories and warehouses lay dormant. Many of these are architecturally impressive designs that have made their transition from industrial to residential very effectively, which also means they remain intact.

Migration to the urban jungles where a number of these factories remain has increased. Ironically, their dereliction meant that they became invaluable as a resource against the housing crisis prevalent in most UK cities.Two seemingly separate factors have been married together to counter deterioration and a lack of housing. Although most, especially in London will come with a hefty price tag, it is better they remain standing than be knocked down to make way for modern architecture absent of history.

Since visiting a number of warehouse in Bristol I can now appreciate the leap that these structures make from crumbling, industrial eyesores to hospitable, fashionable, homely environments; the process of which must be immense to see from start to finish.

Derelict warehouses have clearly offered developers the opportunity to reignite a new lease of life into declining bricks and mortar and in the process preserving a crucial part of the architectural landscape. Battersea Power Stations’ regeneration project comes to mind as a very prominent project taking place at the moment. The Power Station in south-west London ill provide over 1,000 new homes. I have created an illustrated-overview of warehouse living below; the varying designs demonstrate the vast possibilities available when you are working with such an expansive space and industrial heritage.

There aren’t any limitation regarding what kind of interiors a warehouse can accommodate. But, what chair in particular do we think would look just perfect in these expansive living spaces? The Eames Lounge chair and Ottoman. The Lounge chair with its footstool can occupy any space, be it big or small as its design is full of presence -it will look good anywhere. In a spacious warehouse lounge or reading room, it would be the perfect accompaniment to the history within the building, see below:


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