Who created the Bubble Chair?

The bubbles delicate grace was inevitably going to find its way into design and in 1968 it did when the Finnish designer Eero Aarnio presented the Bubble Chair to the world. His construction was a forward thinking piece of interior-design that for many symbolised the future. With its ability to embrace light and gently enhance a space the bubble chair’s appeal is still strong.

The structure is made from moulded acrylic with a steel rim, a large cushion acts as the seat. To make you feel as though you are floating in a bubble, the chair is suspended from the ceiling. Its transparency means that although it’s futuristic it has the potential to complement a number of indoor and outdoor spaces including kitchens, airports, beach houses and nightclubs to name a few:

In popular culture the bubble featured in a fashion shoot for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine which was orchestrated by photographer Melvin Sokolsky documented below:

Where can I buy the Bubble chair I hear you cry? A replica of the Bubble chair can be purchased at www.chair.furniture for £894


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