Consider the #fantastical side of #design

With Halloween fast approaching and with the imminent release of the films #Hobbit part 3 and The #Mockingjay #Catching Fire the mood is perfect for a short musing on fantastical interior designs that originate from the human #imagination.

Some real, others fictional these finds will put a smile on your face and a longing in your heart for a little bit more of the  fantastical in your life.

Whether its Bilblo Baggin’s’ Hobbit Hole, Bag End or an embellished tree-house in the garden , design can transcend the boundaries of what we know as reality, and encourage us to leap towards the downright fantastical. In this gallery I have selected rooms with a fantastical bent. Some are bizarre, others breathtakingly beautiful others are a little creepy, all will offer you an ESCAPE from #reality.

A note on the Hotel Silken Puerto America

The hotel is located in the Spanish capital of Madrid. Profoundly fantastical, the rooms are all very different from one another. In addition to the heavy colours in the photo above they also have the white room, which is of stark contrast.

The photos in the #fantasy gallery have the power to make an impact. They intrigue at first glance and one can get lost within their detail.

#Halloween2014 will all be about pumpkin orange, blood red and witches hat black. At we are celebrating #halloween2014 with a fab #giveaway : an #eames rocker in orange. What other chairs do we have that would suit the occasion equally well?

egg chair

The #Jacobsen chair in #PUMPKIN -JUST BEAUTIFUL 


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