Chairs in technicolour

Chairs come in all shapes, sizes, material and colour, and dining rooms, kitchens, bars, cafes, libraries and offices are no longer expected to conform to prescribed ideas of design. These days, anything goes and in fact the more variety, imagination and colour the better. Many designers and homemakers are moving away from linear choosing to be more organic and freestyle. Here is a lowdown on how nonuniform design is becoming the norm:

Restaurants & Cafe’s

Dining in colour is a spectacle

Beerd on St Michael’s Hill, Bristol is home to craft beer and homemade stone-baked pizza. Needless to say it’s very popular with Bristolians. In addition to their menu, the layout of their bar and restaurant is a major talking point. The gallery above includes images of Beerd’s interior and illustrates that eclectic chairs of all shapes, sizes and colours work effortlessly well to create a deliberate irregularity that is incredibly design-worthy. Above you will find the Tolix A chair and the Tolix bar stool; the Charles Eames DSW in green and white with wooden legs; the Jean Prouve chair and the Stackable Navy chair too. The design distinguishes Beerd from the traditional pubs on the road, adding heaps of character to their strong brand identity. We like it a LOT.

Another piece of eye-candy is Gas & Co, an American inspired diner on Whiteladies Road, Bristol. The restaurant appears to be a typical all-American diner but with a very voguish edge. The Tolix A chair in sky blue (above) surrounds most of the round tables. There are also leather cushioned stools, wooden chairs, as well as a red leather side sofa and a purple velvet sofa seating. The ensemble of chairs is again a non-uniform approach and makes a big impact on the overall design.

Cafe’s that are just delirious with character…

Every cafe wants the ‘waw’ factor and what better way to waw your patrons than with lots of lovely bright colours. The cafes (above) have done just this. The first of which in New York City has utilised the Eames DSW in patchwork within an idiosyncratic arrangement. The effect is just fabulous.  The cafe in Bangkok is laid out like a lounge and has an inviting quality about it. The Wiverton Cafe, a hikers cafe in Norfolk and the cafe in Madrid have embraced colour through a more retro lens, with their own distinct execution.  Undeniably, the cafes have their own charm and demonstrate they are unafraid of colour. Whether the background is industrial, white or multi-coloured, the photos show irregular shapes, colours and patterns coming together to produce truly spell-binding results.

Colour can increasingly be found in the office…

These days offices are not necessarily going to be monotone and a humdrum shade of grey. Because on average we spend 1/3 of our lives working (in an office) more and more companies are placing an emphasis on creative working spaces or at the very least creating a place to escape the tedium of grey. For truly unique, almost surreal offices click this link, you will be redirected to pirate ships with desks, caves with computers as well as slides (wicked). These are offices with a sense of humour.The above offices combine various design methods and are breaking with tradition to varying degrees. The first image is clearly an office but with colourful Eames 219 Office chairs. What to say about the second photo…? This office is a combination of industrial and surrealism. The paint work is the central focus, with a slanting roof and satellite lights. The final photo is a soft and natural space to convene meetings, eat your lunch or simply take time out.

Add colour to your home…

Perhaps the most important and expressive place is the home. Ones home is a platform to channel our character through design. Here are some truly beautiful examples of homes with an abundance of colour some of mesmerising proportion. Whether it is a bright yellow rocker as in the first image or lots or colourful kitchen utensils, glasses or a bright pink wall, colour has been applied with precision. It demonstrates that the designer has a very good eye for making patterns, textures and shapes work together.

Dinner time: Industrial is making a lot of noise within home and commercial interior design and these Tolix A chairs in 4-different colours could not look more appropriate against the imposing grey wall and striking black chandelier. The Tolix A chair offset the hard colours without detracting from the deliberate industrial design. The second photo shows a natrual wood table with different chairs to create a functional yet mishmash look. The final photo incorporates the softer side of the Tolix A chair in pastels, demonstrating that the Tolix is not limited to industrial scenes, as it works equally well in a clean and airy space such as this. Inspired.

Have you been excited by any or all of these photos? We would love to hear from you!


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