Beautiful and down to earth

Since I have introduced you to the wide availability of colour within our Eames chair collection, I thought it would be a good idea to draw your attention to chairs that are beautiful for being a bit more understated and natural: the woods, the weaves, the bare legs and so on.

The gallery below contains a number of eye-catching chairs that combine natural and man-made materials.

I personally adore the ‘Fizz chair.’ The combination of dark work and light blue velvet seat cushion is a masterful.  The woven effect Eames DSW weave chair in cream or brown would suit a room that has an emphasis on nature, with lots of plants and definite earthy overtones.  Whether you prefer a rocker or standard chair legs, these chairs would complement such a space. Yesterday I wrote a little blog post on the Prouve chairs. These are wonderfully versatile with the ability to adapt to nearly any setting. You could find the Prouve chair in an ultra modern kitchen or a vintage-chic dining room. At we offer customers the opportunity to purchase legs and seats seperatley which means you have the opportunity to create the perfect chair for your room.


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