Chairs in a cafe context

Eames in CafeThis is a cafe in Singapore where the Eames DSW chairs are set against a wooden block floor around wooden tables. The layout demonstrates that the ABS plastic seat with its wooden legs are capable of adapting to complement even a sophisticated setting such as this, without detracting from the natural materials utilised or compromising the deliberately irregular lighting scheme.

Stools in cafe

Above is an example of the Tolix stool in context. These look great in this modern arrangement with their industrial feel. The Tolix stool is available in seven colours and two different heights. We also stock the Industrial stool if this is the look you are going for.

tolix chair

I have talked about the Tolix stool, now it’s time to turn our attention to the equally delectable Tolix chair. The Tolix chair -pictured above in the Magnolia Bakery- is a pinned image I found on Pinterest in two gorgeous shades of blue. We stock seven colours on our website, where they retail for £69.00 per chair!


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