A retrospective: The Prouve chair

Prouve chair - grey Prouve chair -blue

My name is Lowri, I work at chair.furniture an online retailer selling a wide range of very stylish chairs and an increasing number of characterful accessories for the home. We are very pleased to welcome you to our first blog post. Serious about interiors aims to be an informative and fun blogging platform for those passionate about interior design.

Retrospective: Although the chairs we sell on chair.furniture are made contemporaneously many of  the designs available take their inspiration from bygone eras. Between 1914 and the 1950s in particular,  numerous designers broke with tradition to create some truly wonderful interiors that we cherish to this day. For example, the Prouve chair (above) was originally designed by the French designer Jean Prouve in 1930. The chair combines steel and wood and is now perhaps more commonly associated with traditional school chairs. Reimagined Prouve chairs can be purchased from our website where you have a choice of eight colours and cost £79 (price correct as of 7/10/14).

The present day consumer: As consumers we embrace the past and seem to have developed an unquenchable interest in designs that have become associated with history. As a result, we are constantly seeking to fulfill the desire to create a vintage feel to our chosen space. These days, we are encouraged to break with the mould, and allow our imaginations  to freely defy traditions and boundaries. Old and new are merged to create an intriguing spaces.


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